Zero to a hundred

Panair business zero to a hundred

Start up a business from scratchand expand to a scale of 10 billion yen.

Create businesses with partner companies,
expand the business to the point where a new value can be reflected into society.

It doesn’t end with just a change.

Panair, creates & grows a New Standard.


Digital Transformation

Panair will promote Digital Transformation
using our Panair Cloud to develop and operate energy and IT
and to contribute to the realization of Society 5.0.


Innovative Panair Cloud

Everything has been developed web base, therefore, it is highly scalable and a quick and flexible development is possible. This is the innovativeness of the Panair Cloud, which is why it is the core system for our Digital Transformation.

Initially, Panair developed this system in anticipation of the full liberalization of electricity retailing in April 2016, but since it was developed entirely on the web, it is expected to become an energy distribution management platform enabling Digital Transformation not only in the power industry but also in the energy industry as a whole.


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