Set the New Standard



Cutting-edge EnergyTech for

energy markets around the world.


Panair style


A professional group with high ambitions and precise intelligence using organizational strength to achieve our goal.

Right in the middle

Have pride in your ambition to greatly change the world

without fear

Striving to be the leader in the industry and always aiming higher.


Have a humble heart and compassion, working from customer's satisfaction outwards, and focusing on teamwork inwards.

Final stronghold

Don't forget that we provide what is indispensable to customers and should brace responsibility.


Origin of company name

The company name is derived from “Pangaea”, which is a theory that “The world used to be a single continent a long time ago”.
The word “Panair” is coined word that consist of our impression by “the fact the continents are still connected at the sky” and “the desire to play a role in connecting the world with the power of IT (Internet Technology)”.
It consist of “Pan” and “air”. “Pan”, Greek word that means “one” and “air” , French word that means “sky”.

Our logo color, we chose blue as a symbol of the sky. And the shape represents “One sky with the power of IT”.