Panair Cloud

Panair Cloud

The system developed by Panair was intended for the full liberalization of power retailing in April 2016.Everything developed on a web basis was truly innovative.Since it is highly scalable and quick development is possible, it is expected to be used not only in the power industry but also in the energy industry as an energy distribution management platform that enables Digital Transformation.

Panair Cloud functions

  • Panair BigData

    Panair Bigdata is a system that high-speed processes BigData, such as electricity demand data, weather, and temperature etc.

  • Panair Gungnir

    Panair Gungnir is an artificial intelligence platform that analyzes Panair Forecast and Panair Analytics.

  • Panair Bridge

    System that links with Organizations for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operations, JEPX and general power companies.

  • Panair Dashboard

    Panair Dashboard is a system that helps monitor Panair Cloud.

  • Panair Analytics

    Panair Analytics is a system that analyzes Panair BigData and the optimal price plan and power supply / demand situation.

  • Panair Billing

    Panair Billing is a system that automatically processes electricity bill from the amount of electricity used, billing and shipping a bill.

  • Panair Procurement

    Panair Procurement is a system that creates an optimal power portfolio and automatically conducts procurement activities.

  • Panair Forecast

    Panair Forecast is a system that uses Panair BigData to predict electricity market prices and electricity usage.

  • Panair C.I.S.

    Panair C.I.S. is a system that manages Panair Cloud customers and improves customer service quality.

  • Panair Estimation

    Panair Estimation is a system that smoothly creates cost estimates for electricity and supports prompt proposals.

  • Panair Switcher

    Panair Switcher is a high speed processing system that handles the switching of retail electricity businesses.


Panair Cloud

One and only Platform managing
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