Digital Transformation

Panair Digital Transformation

Panair Digital Transformation (DX) has 3 powers.

“Design” and “Execution” are two of those powers. The 3rd is our “Teamwork”which connects design and execution capabilities organically.

Our advantage is

Design, Execution and Teamwork

in Digital Transformation.

  • Challenges for Japan

    A predicted “2025 Cliff” is said to hit the economy with a loss of 12 trillion yen. We address this challenge by promoting Digital Transformation in the energy industry.


Panair DX achivements

We have been working on Digital Transformation with our business concept of “Zero to a Hundred”.Here are some of our achivements:

  • PinT
    A joint venture with TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc. established in April 2018. “PinT with Lease” very successful. It is our first step in this type of business. Targeted for the real estate industry to “solving problems using electricity in various businesses” rather than the original method of selling electricity by amount. PinT uses “Panair Cloud for PinT” as a core system, and we expect to intergrate in various other fields in the future.

  • Marubeni Solar Trading (MSTC)
    A joint venture established with Marubeni New Electric Power, Inc. in November 2018. From November 2019, the company aim is new business development in the so-called “Graduate from FIT” market where the application of the feed-in tariff system (FIT) for solar power generating system will end. We tied partnership with the Sharp Group, and preparations are being made steadily for November, when full-scale operations will begin. Here again, Panair offers Panair Cloud that can be customized into any new businesses.


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