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Message from CEO

Hello New Standard

Panair is the pioneer company in Japan using just cloud technology to build a core system for energy.

Since the fourth industrial revolution and advent of the internet, the world has changed dramatically.It was not only a technical innovation, it changed industries and how businesses were created, and the way we live. Various companies were born using the power of the internet and our lives are now filled with services based on the internet.

Our goal is a “Digital Transformation (DX)”, with the “Connected Industries” concept launched by the Japanese government by utilizing large amounts of data to cause an innovation in our industry. In order to realize this, the use of the internet is ever more important.

Even today, Digital Transformation in the energy industry has not achieved yet.

Panair believes in the power of the Internet.

We will create new standards in the world by accelerating the world's Digital Transformation, mainly in the energy industry.Cutting-edge EnergyTech for energy markets around the world.

Cutting-edge EnergyTech for energy markets around the world.


What is EnergyTech?

Panair, a leading company of EnergyTech, is promoting Digital Transformation for major companies in the energy industry through our next-generation energy core system “Panair Cloud”. So far, we have developed joint businesses with strong partners, such as TEPCO Energy Partner, Incorporated Corporation and Marubeni Power Retail Corporation.

As a “Digital Entity” in the energy industry, we will create businesses from scratch and grow bigger.

  • Management Philosophy

    Our corporate mission is to spread EnergyTech, and we value the “Panair Style” standard in creating a New Standard.

  • About our company

    In order to infiltrate EnergyTech, we have expanded our business along with the liberalization of retail electricity sales while creating important connections with each area in Japan.



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20-7 Kabuto-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 03-6880-9255